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Aglas are cast acrylic sheets(cast polymethylmethacrilate) which are produced by Akripol in Trebnje since1974. Acrylic materials are renowned for their transparency and durability. Aglas is more transparent than usual glass. It weights half less than glass and cannot be broken so easily and it is not affected by changing weather conditions. It doesn't wear out or turns yellow and it stays solid. Aglas has smooth shining surface. One-sided mate realization is also possible. When compared to other plastic materials AGLAS has high surface hardness.
Aglas is thermoelastic. Elegant products can be made out of it by thermic modelling and shaping. With tools, machines for metal and wood sawing, milling, rasping, drilling, grinding and polishing is possible. Aglas can also be coloured. Standard colour scale includes transparent and kritne colour plates intended for wide spectrum of use. According to the customer's wish we can also make special colour shades. Aglas is warm to the touch. Although electric insulator Aglas is luminous conductor. It also has perfect chemical durability. Excellent technical characteristics with estetic value give Aglas disposition of precious material which represents challenge for architects and designers.
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