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It is advised that protective plastic foil stays as long as possible on the sheet during the working and thus reducing the possibility of injuries on the surface of the acrylic glass. As mentoined earlier good results can be achieved by mechanical working of the Aglas plates. Hacksaws and circular saws can be used for sawing. If we use hacksaw with light metal blade and approximately 5 teeth on centimeter appropriate speed would be 1500m/min.Circular saws demand circumferencial speed of at least 3000m/min. During sawing plates must be firmly fixed to avoid vibrations. The blade must be cooled by air and water, if we are to obtain nice and smooth cut. Thin plates can be broken off along the cut that was previously done by appropriate knife. Milling: Various milling machines with milling-saws of metal with 10000 to 20000 revolutions a minute. For drilling various drills can be used. Twist blades with the angle of the tip at 90 degrees can be very efficient at 15000 revolutions a minute. Polishing: Good results are achieved by the use of lacquers or polishing means recommended by Akripol. Edges are polished well by acetylene burner.


After heated to 140 – 170 C Aglas becomes soft and can be modelled and shaped. Heating can take place in furnaces with the circulation of hot air or IR heater. When modelling all usual methods can be used: free blowing, vacuuming, pressing, etc. Aglas can be well modelled on a manual press the same as on an automatic vacuumforming machine. First heating usually shrinks Aglas for approximately 2 %.


For quality gluing of Aglas with itself or with PVC, ABD, PC or wood two-component acrylic glue Novopop is recommended. This glue is produced by Akripol solely for this purpose. Junction is transparent. Chemical structure of hardened glue is quite similar to Aglas. Firm and nice junction is conditioned by clean and dry surface of the parts that are to be glued. Gluing with cyanoacrylic glues, bands and glues based on caoutchuk.


Although Aglas has excellent surface firmness, it is susceptible to scratching. Aglas is because of this cleaned only with water and liquid detergents.When cleaning we can wipe the product with rag saturated with liquid antistatic to prevent accumulation of dust. Alcohol can be used for cleaning. Acetone, nitro diluters or chlorine carbohydrate must not be used. Minor surface damage (scratches, cigarette burns) are whetted off and polished. For the repairs of bigger damage on bathroom elements made od Aglas Akripol produces two-component acrylic reparative bitumen in standard sanitary shades.

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